Peter Fadden ’71

​Completed “Clarkson’s First Extension Campus”, a compilation of historical information of Clarkson’s Malone Campus,1946-1951

​Peter has undertaken documenting the history of the Malone Branch Campus for the University and written an official story on that period of time at Clarkson.

​Few current students, staff, faculty or alumni today know the history of Clarkson’s Malone, NY, Campus and the part it played in meeting the rapid growth of students post World War II, allowing for the Potsdam Campus to grow from a few buildings to a campus. The Malone Campus occupied the former Malone School for the Death on College Avenue from the Fall of 1946 until the Spring of 1951. All Freshman entering Clarkson during that time period started in Malone. In the Fall of 1947, Sophomore Electrical Engineering students also were studying at Malone due to the shortage of space in Potsdam.

This document began as a personal investigation as my father, James R. Fadden, Class of 1952, my mother, and oldest brother and sister were in Malone where my father began in the Fall of 1948 his studies in Business Administration. As I investigated using many sources, as well as the Clarkson Archives, it became apparent that the Malone Campus was integral to Clarkson’s growth post World War II. Yet no comprehensive history of the Malone Campus was documented!

With the assistance of the Office of External Affairs, a tableau has been created to be added to the School for the Deaf History Pavillion at the former Campus site at College Avenue and State Street, Malone, NY.

This document is in the process of being published in conjunction with the Clarkson Alumni Office and Alumni Association with availability scheduled for December 2020.