The Clarkson Fund

You Hold the Power.

When you were a student, The Clarkson Fund opened the door to challenging classes, the latest lab technology, cutting-edge research opportunities, and Golden Knight Athletics. Alumni who graduated years—even decades—before your arrival at Clarkson University contributed to The Clarkson Fund and you benefited.

Now you are the one with the Clarkson degree that has accelerated your career. You are the one who remembers what it was like to be an enterprising young student, bursting with curiosity and ideas. And you are the one who can help unleash that same potential in today’s students through the Clarkson Fund. With every gift you are helping promising young students gain access to an exceptional education. Your gift is the key to a world-class learning environment. You are building a better Clarkson University. Invest in the future today.

Give Now

You Make the Difference.

Your investment in The Clarkson Fund creates long-term impacts in shaping the university’s future. At the same time, your gift has an immediate effect on today’s students. With your annual support, students will have the opportunity to create their own powerful learning experiences through which they will grow, think and ignite change in the world. Your gift will ultimately provide them with a legacy they will carry with them always.