Good Knights Guild

The Development and Alumni Relations team is delighted to launch Good Knights Guild, a new donor recognition program that honors those who give their time, talent, and treasure to the University, all while working toward a common goal of advancing Clarkson.

Introducing Good Knights Guild: Clarkson Legion, Loyal, Leadership, Legacy and Legend!

Celebrates those who dedicate their time by volunteering in a variety of meaningful ways that serve our Clarkson community.

By offering their energy, talent, and compassion, these donors make a real difference in the Clarkson community. Clarkson Legion recognizes donors who volunteer their time to the University on an annual basis. Examples include campus speakers, hosting events, serving as a trusted advisor to the University, and so much more!

Members of Clarkson Legion receive exclusive communications, a special pin, and Clarkson swag only Legion members are privy to.

Victoria Ballestero ’14, MBA’18

After graduating from Clarkson with my bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering, I knew I wanted to continue to be involved at Clarkson. After graduating with my MBA, I acted on that desire. I expressed my interest in sharing what I had learned from my time in industry with the Civil Engineering Department, and I was recommended to the Civil and Environmental Engineering Advisory Council (CEEAC), where I have been a volunteer for the past three years. I have presented for Clarkson’s Knight Class and at a Clarkson ASCE chapter meeting.

It is imperative for those who have been given opportunities to reach back with a helping hand to support the communities that empowered them to flourish. I am the beneficiary of a first-class education that has opened unfathomable doors of opportunity for my personal and professional growth. I love staying connected to what is happening at Clarkson, engaging with students and providing input to help Clarkson remain a leading institution for engineering education. So many of the changes that have occurred on campus since I graduated give me tremendous optimism for Clarkson’s future.

The relationships I’ve built with alumni, faculty and students are why I continue to stay involved at Clarkson. There is nothing more rewarding than reconnecting with alumni from around the country, supporting the University’s faculty in their pursuits or having a student reach out for advice. Working on the CEEAC has broadened my professional network, but, beyond that, it is deeply rewarding for me to be able to give back to an organization that gave so much to me.

Celebrates our committed donors who support Clarkson with cash gifts of any amount for two or more consecutive years.

By supporting the University annually, these donors demonstrate what it means to truly believe in Clarkson. Clarkson Loyal recognizes donors who make a gift of any size, regardless of gift designation, to the University in at least the last two consecutive calendar years. Your loyal years will be recalculated at the end of each calendar year, and you will remain Clarkson Loyal with your consistent philanthropic support each calendar year.

Members of Clarkson Loyal receive exclusive communications, a special pin, and recognition when giving milestones are reached.

Jim ’73 and Bunny ’73 Donohue

Our entire Clarkson experience influenced the decision to donate to the Clarkson Fund post-graduation. The world-class education that provided both of us the opportunity to pursue careers that were exciting and fulfilling, the lifelong friendships and the long-term vision to see the Hill Campus grow to be the center of Clarkson all played a role in the decision.

The four years at Clarkson were some of the best years of our young lives and formed the foundation for the future. Most importantly, Clarkson is where we met.

We choose to support Clarkson with our philanthropy on an annual basis because we want to give back to the school that provided us with the education that served as the basis for our careers. We have also seen over the years how the University has diligently managed the funds donated by alumni to support scholarships and student life and to build a beautiful campus on the hill.

We are confident that the funds we give will allow Clarkson to continue to provide a world-class educational experience for all of those who choose to enroll. We are proud our gifts will be used to further the goals of Clarkson in providing an excellent education with the best faculty that can be assembled in state-of-the-art facilities.

Jim and Bunny have generously given to Clarkson for 48 loyal years!

Celebrates a distinguished group of donors whose generosity has made a transformative impact on Clarkson.

These visionary donors support new and renovated facilities and make other strategic investments that have helped transform Clarkson into an institution of national distinction. Clarkson Leadership acknowledges donors whose lifetime contributions have reached $250,000 or more. All gifts, regardless of fund or program, are counted toward lifetime contribution totals, including matching gifts.

Members of Clarkson Leadership receive exclusive communications, a special pin, four regular season hockey tickets to a home or away game, invitations to VIP events, and personalized recognition when giving milestones are reached. In appreciation of our Clarkson Leadership donors, each member will receive a commemorative piece from Clarkson with heartfelt gratitude.

Ken Camarco ’85

Recognizing that we do not achieve much, if anything, without immense help and support, I have long aspired to be in a position to help others. Since starting my professional life, I have given my time, knowledge and experience and have contributed financially to institutions that can truly help others to improve their lives. Our family foundation looks to do that through supporting education, medical research and many worthy community organizations.

Clarkson has had a huge impact on my life, from developing some of my closest enduring personal friendships to expanding my knowledge and experiences. Clarkson, to me, is about making the most out of opportunities. Clarkson has a unique way of attracting and developing humble yet self-assured leaders who know how to collaborate and adapt. My family would like to help provide that Clarkson opportunity to more students, knowing that they will also make the most of it.

We have tried to give what we could, when we could. Early in my career that may not have been as much, but we sought company matching funds to help amplify the amount and, thus, the benefit. As we have been blessed by more financial success we have been able to provide more to others and, in addition, continue to support Clarkson — through time, knowledge and experiences — achieve its mission and provide a top-tier educational experience to all students.

Celebrates our Annie Clarkson Society members who have created a planned gift to or established an endowment at Clarkson.

These forward-thinking donors demonstrate their steadfast commitment to future generations at Clarkson and help to ensure the University continues to be a world-class institution for teaching and research. Clarkson Legacy honors our Annie Clarkson Society members who generously support the University through their estate or financial plans, other planned gift arrangements, or the creation of endowments.

Members of Clarkson Legacy receive exclusive communications, a special pin, four regular season hockey tickets to a home or away game, invitations to VIP events, and personalized recognition when giving milestones are reached. In appreciation of our Clarkson Legacy donors, each member will receive a small token of our gratitude.

Al Poskanzer ’69, MS’71, PhD’74

In 2013, my wife and I learned of the Annie Clarkson Society and the possibility and benefits of making a charitable gift annuity (CGA). Consequently, in the fall of 2013, we created our first CGA. In 2019, we took out a second CGA to commemorate the nine years I spent at Tech. The CGA is a great deal for both continuing income and tax benefits. I didn’t need much inspiration to leave part of our legacy to Clarkson; I owe my entire successful career to my Clarkson education! It made me feel great to give back, and I hope to be able to give more. I have confidence in knowing that my donations will have an impact. The CGA helps to insure the success of Clarkson’s future, and President Collins has affirmed that in personal conversations.

Beyond philanthropy, as a graduate student and with Egon Matijević, I was directly involved in the genesis of Clarkson’s relationship with the Shipley company and the eventual creation of The Shipley Center for Innovation. I have also offered my voluntary services as a consultant to The Shipley Center because I have expertise in new company startups and technology transfer.

Clarkson is a superb university to attend if you want a solid professional education in engineering, sciences, life sciences and other professional pursuits. Once educated at Clarkson, you will never forget the valuable experience! I haven’t and I received my PhD, from Clarkson 47 years ago.

Celebrates our most revered donors who fall into Clarkson Legion, Loyal, Leadership, and Legacy

By joining Clarkson Legion, Loyal, Leadership, and Legacy, these extraordinary donors have genuinely strengthened the University through their philanthropic vision. Their philanthropy inspires excellence. Clarkson Legend recognizes those remarkable donors who have committed to raising the University’s level to even greater heights.

Members of Clarkson Legend receive exclusive communications, a special pin, four regular season hockey tickets to a home or away game, invitations to VIP events, and personalized recognition when giving milestones are reached. In appreciation of our Clarkson Legends, each member will receive a unique keepsake to honor their dedication to Clarkson.

Jean E. Spence ’79

My husband, Bob Spence ’79, and I would not have been able to attend Clarkson if not for the scholarships we received. Giving our time, talent and treasure is our way of paying it back and forward to current and future students. We believe that to whom much is given, much will be required. Most Clarkson students and alumni were given support to attend Clarkson. When they have the means, they have the opportunity to allow the next generation of students to have the Clarkson education they had. The faculty that provided the Clarkson education still lives on in my memories. Egon Matijević held us to a standard of excellence that has served us well. And, we learned never to fall asleep in a class! And Doc [George] Jones was a professor who pushed me to learn more than I thought I could — Physical Chemistry was my favorite course! — and he was the advisor for Bob’s fraternity.

Clarkson provided an excellent education that taught us the fundamentals in our fields — chemical engineering for me and mechanical engineering for Bob. But the collaboration required in many classes was the foundation for the teamwork required in our jobs, the persistence required to tough it out through both the curriculum and the weather has served us well during our careers and life. I recommend a campus visit for alumni that have not been back lately, you’d be impressed with the campus and faculty, and the students are beyond impressive, you’d see that a contribution to Clarkson gives a great return on investment!

Your support is essential to continuing the good work that happens at Clarkson. For all that you do, thank you! Contact the Donor Engagement team with any questions regarding Good Knights Guild at or 315-268-7717.