Monica Roe MPT ’04 DPT ’09

Monica graduated from the physical therapy program (MPT ’04, DPT ’09) and has made her career primarily in off-road communities in northwestern Alaska, as well as some community-based inclusive development work in Belize. She is currently in the MPH program at University of Alaska Anchorage, focusing on disability-inclusive disaster preparedness in remote coastal communities vulnerable to climate change. She is also an author for young people, with a particular focus on the intersections of disability, rurality, geography, and the social model of disability.

In March, FSG/Macmillan will publish AIR, a middle-grade novel that follows high-octane Emmie as she works toward her dreams of earning a new stunt wheelchair for WCMX, navigates new crushes and old losses, encounters well-intentioned ableism in her community, and speaks up for her right to an accessible school.

Read more info on the book here.