Clarkson Student Interns Work with an Alumnus to Promote Conservation in the Everglades

Clarkson alumnus, Steve Scherer ’69 – Grassy Waters Conservancy VP, reached out to our Career Services office to find help promoting the Conservancy’s efforts. Due to COVID-19 their web and social media support was significantly reduced. Student interns Cynthia Huerta ’23 and Isaac Choi ’22 kept the Conservancy’s website going and expanded their social media presence. The Grassy Waters Conservancy mission is to support, promote and protect Grassy Waters Preserve for environmental education and research, and nature based experiences, while ensuring its ecological integrity, and in concert with its role as a regional water supply for the City of West Palm Beach. You can find the Conservancy at their website, Facebook or Instagram accounts.

Check out their fabulous photos of the everglades wildlife and ecosystem! Kudos also go to Steve for his great work to preserve this unique and critically important ecosystem. Questions? Contact Steve at