Barney Adams ’62

Barney Adams Inducted into the Texas Golf Hall of Fame

Texas Golf Hall of Fame Announces Class of 2022

Frisco, Texas – The Texas Golf Hall of Fame today announced six inductees for its Class of 2022.

Professional Player – Ryan Palmer

Amateur Player – Brad Elder

Golf Professional/Teacher – Gordon Johnson

Golf Professional/Teacher – Ronny Glanton

Lifetime Achievement – Barney Adams

Texas Registry of Historic Golf Courses – Houston Country Club

The 2022 inductees join 145 individuals and 13 facilities already in the Hall of Fame.

Lifetime Achievement – Barney Adams

Barney Adams’ love affair with golf comes in many forms – player, entrepreneur, innovator, advocate, and leader. As founder of Adams Golf in 1990, after buying the remnants of Dave Pelz golf in 1988, Adams quickly grew the company to more than 100 employees and the leader in industry innovation. Adams’ sketches of a fairway wood design from notes he made during fittings that specifically addressed the challenge of getting the ball airborne from a tight fairway lie became the Adam Tight Lies Fairway Wood, the number one selling fairway metal in golf. Adams took the company public in 1998, at the time, the largest IPO in the history of the golf equipment industry.

Adams’ contributions to the game also include a fitting manual that became the foundation of the process the OEM’s use today and writing a story emphasizing moving to forward tees to derive more enjoyment and increase participation. The PGA and USGA adopted the principle, and “Tee it Forward” was born. Adams traveled the country as the organizations’ spokesperson to bring awareness to the project.

His philanthropy work is centered around The Ryan Foundation. Adams has been supporting the mission of The Ryan Foundation since its inception in 1992. His personal guidance and commitment to the Foundation has brought national awareness to finding treatment for MPS and LSD. The account of his first meeting with Ryan Dant’s father was read by millions in nationally renowned sportswriter Dave Kindred’s two feature Golf Digest articles titled, “The Power of Charity Golf” and “How Golf and Charity Came Together to Save a Life”. Read the rest of the article here.