Ali Othman PhD ’19

The Electrochemical Society Awards 2021 ECS Colin Garfield Fink Fellowship to Ali Othman

Newswise — Pennington, NJ – Ali Othman, PhD, Research Associate in Clarkson University’s Department of Chemical & Biomolecular Science, received The Electrochemical Society’s prestigious 2021 ECS Colin Garfield Fink Fellowship. The fellowship provides financial assistance for Othman’s research in the months of June through August. His work focuses nanomaterials and the interface chemistry of materials and their bio(sensing) and environmental applications.

“I am truly grateful for the ECS Colin Garfield Fink Fellowship, donors, and committee of the award,” said Dr. Othman. “This fellowship highlights me and allows me to be recognized in the scientific community as well as to focus on my goal and additional educational opportunities. Thanks to your support, I am one step closer to my goal. I will do my best to keep up the great work.”

The ECS Colin Garfield Fink Fellowship supports Dr. Othman research on wearable biosensors, introducing stimuli responsive (smart/intelligent) functional nanomaterials with exploring the use of artificial enzymes. Understanding the physicochemical characteristics is crucial to multiple applications because many catalytic, thermal, mechanical, electrochemical, and spectroscopic properties depend on the nano(material) structure and surface/electrode functionalization that is significant in determining the structure-function systems. Othman’s research findings will be particularly relevant to bioanalytical studying proteins with the integration of advanced nanomaterials to interface between protein/enzyme structure and function, enabling large-scale fabrication and field operational devices. Read more about Ali’s achievement here.