The Ultimate Academic Power Couple

As I mentioned in our last meeting, your departure from Clarkson and Potsdam will leave a massive hole for the folks who replace you.  It would be hard to imagine two finer people who could make more significant contributions to students, to alumni, to the university, to the community, and to the entire North Country than Karen and Tony Collins.  It has been my good fortune to know the blessings of your friendship and I can only wish you a wonderful few decades in retirement.  Something tells me that you won’t exactly be lounging around in rocking chairs anytime soon so I look forward to hearing what exciting activities are in your futures.  I suspect you will be up to your ears in offers to engage, to envision, to lead and to collaborate with people in need of your special brands of friendship, intellect, compassion and wisdom.  Thanks for all your contributions and fine memories, and may God’s grace be with you in all the years ahead.

Ed Robinson ’74