Paul Stenberg ’73

Karen and Tony:  you have contributed so much to the development and recognition of Clarkson.  Beyond that, pat and I will always cherish the friendship we developed over the years.  Hopefully you will find your way to the west coast where we might be able to meet and share some memories.  Please stay in touch and hopefully your Clarkson email address will continue.  By the way, I am a bit angry that you left 1 year too soon as I had hoped to celebrate my 50th reunion with you and Karen.

Best of luck, Paul and Pat Stenberg.



Matt and Shannon Desrosiers ‘

Tony and Karen

Thanks for the unwavering support of Matt, his team and our family through some of the best moments of our lives.  Success has been a total team effort and you have made Clarkson feel like family to us. We will miss you cheering behind the bench, going to your house for Halloween or other team dinners, or just seeing you around campus.  You both will always hold a very special place in our hearts and we wish you the best of luck on your next adventure.  Thanks for all of the memories and most importantly thanks for always being in our corner!  Much Love, Matt, Shannon, Brynlee and Brodee Desrosiers

Thank You Tony & Karen

Thank You Tony & Karen

William Thomsen ’78

As an alumnus who has had our entire family involved in Clarkson life during the “The Tony Collins” era, the impact has been immeasurable. From life on the Hill, to theme housing, to the future of the University, Tony has positively impacted us all by strategically innovating and challenging the Clarkson family to look at education and the institution in new ways.  We all thank you for the contributions you and Karen have made throughout your life at Clarkson. We are all better for it. THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

Congratulations and Thank You!!

Congratulations and Thank You!!

Mary Kay Woods ’82

If the measurement of a leader is the legacy they leave, Tony and Karen have done an extraordinary job and have set the bar high by their example!!  Between them, teams have been created and strengthened, disciplines have been introduced and broadened, campuses added and expanded, and infrastructure has been built and improved.  Most importantly, relationships – across a broad spectrum – have been developed, maintained and shared.  Individually, they are engaging, interesting, kind – they are wonderful people.  Together they are a formidable team. 

Tony and Karen have only wanted the best for the institution and they have always put their heart and soul into everything they have done for Clarkson.  They have been an impactful duo as well as the most amazing ambassadors for Clarkson, the likes of which will likely not be replicated.  We owe Tony and Karen a debt of gratitude that can never be fully repaid.  Wishing them both the very, very best as they begin their new adventures – with endless possibilities and the time to pursue them!!



Amy Van Kirk ’90


I can’t believe you are retiring!  What an amazing career you have had at Clarkson. I remember being there to recruit Clarkson students and being so impressed with how you and Karen knew so much about all the students.   I also am sharing this photo from a Clarkson event in Syracuse years ago- I keep it in my home office and it makes me smile.    Be well and best to you and Karen. 


Amy Van Kirk 



Ranjit Advani ’70

Dear President and Mrs. Collins: 

What a remarkable career!  You truly have earned our admiration and respect. Thank you for all you have done for Clarkson University and the Clarkson Community.

Now, as you embark on the next chapter of your career and life, we wish you both Good Health, Continued Successes and Happy Days!

Best Wishes & Warm Regards!

Usha & Ranjit’70 Advani

Thank you Tony & Karen



Richard Simmons ’62

It is time to say “goodbye.”  We have enjoyed our time with you and Karen while at Clarkson.  Both you and Karen displayed caring, compassion, enthusiasm, willingness to be silly, openness to sharing and gracious hospitality which we enjoyed and very much appreciated.  We value the time spent one-on-one time with us to share your vision for Clarkson.  Enjoy this next phase of your lives.  God’s blessing to both of you.  

Dick and Donna Simmons (62)

Thank You

Thank you

Jack & Noreen Levitt ’68

Dear Tony and Karen

We are so pleased to have been able to share time with you over the course of your Presidency. We knew the future of Tech was in good hands.  Your leadership has validated that belief many times over. You have shown  hard work and dedication, as well as lighthearted comradery.  It is now time to enjoy the other things in life; family, travel, and relaxation. We hope you enjoy your retirement, and return to Potsdam occasionally.  

Best Wishes and pictures to follow

Jack and Noreen Levitt

Congratulations to the Best President a University Could Ask For

Congratulations to the Best President a University Could Ask For

Matthew Turcotte ’14

Tony & Karen,

You both have made Clarkson what it is today. You’ve impacted thousands
of lives for the better. You should feel so proud and have a feeling of tremendous accomplishment. It has been an honor
to get to know both of you. You’ve worked tirelessly to make Clarkson the best it can be and it has shown. Clarkson not only is a top-notch academic institution but one large family. You both have cultivated a culture of camaraderie that will last for generations.

There are so many memories and experiences that I look back on and smile. From all of the Reh Center Entrepreneurial Award Dinners, to events at the Foster House, when you both came to Clayton to come to my book signing event, when Tony and I were guest speakers in Marc Compeau’s small business class together, the dedication of the Business School to David Reh, and introducing the Governor for the State of the State Address, among others.

It was very special to me when you both visited my property on the River at the alumni event at the St. Lawrence Spirits Chateau, and of course, our first meeting in your office and asking you to “Make Me an Offer” and the creation of the Young Entrepreneur’s program.

You both leave huge shoes to fill. You’re both heroes and role models for myself and countless others.

My sincerest thank you and congratulations on your retirement.

Matt Turcotte ’14
(315) 771-7743

P.S. If you ever find yourself back in Clayton, feel free to reach out. It would be great to catch up.