Thanks for the Memories

It was always a pleasure to return to Clarkson and to have the opportunity to be a guest with Tony and Karen at Foster House. The way we were welcomed and to feel, being a big part of the family, was something I never expected. What a feeling meeting alumni, faculty, friends, and other guests certainly made each visit special. 

My favorite memory is the personal telephone call from Tony. Answering and hearing ” hello Joe it’s Tony Collins ” left me stunned for a bit. I had kept in touch with both hockey programs so I thought it must be a hockey-related call. When he informed me that I was to receive an Honorary Doctorate at the next Convocation. I immediately asked if he was joking. He laughed. That had to be a most special feeling and it will be cherished forever. The Convocation was wonderful and so meaningful for my daughters as this was their first visit to Clarkson and to meet Tony and Karen.

I want to thank Tony for how he has helped Clarkson be what it is today and for making me feel proud and honored to be a part of the family. His dedication, commitment, leadership, and passion have put us on the map. They often say everyone can be replaced but I have been a solid believer that some people CAN NOT be.

I send best wishes to Tony and Karen in their new life of retirement.

Joe Drago ’63