Congratulations to the Best President a University Could Ask For

Tony & Karen,

You both have made Clarkson what it is today. You’ve impacted thousands of lives for the better. You should feel so proud and have a feeling of tremendous accomplishment. It has been an honor
to get to know both of you. You’ve worked tirelessly to make Clarkson the best it can be and it has shown. Clarkson not only is a top-notch academic institution but one large family. You both have cultivated a culture of camaraderie that will last for generations.

There are so many memories and experiences that I look back on and smile. From all of the Reh Center Entrepreneurial Award Dinners; to events at the Foster House, when you both came to Clayton to come to my book signing event; when Tony and I were guest speakers in Marc Compeau’s small business class together; the dedication of the Business School to David Reh; and introducing the Governor for the State of the State Address, among others.

It was very special to me when you both visited my property on the River at the alumni event at the St. Lawrence Spirits Chateau, and of course, our first meeting in your office and asking you to “Make Me an Offer” and the creation of the Young Entrepreneur’s program.

You both leave huge shoes to fill. You’re both heroes and role models for myself and countless others.

My sincerest thank you and congratulations on your retirement.

Matt Turcotte ’14
(315) 771-7743

P.S. If you ever find yourself back in Clayton, feel free to reach out. It would be great to catch up.