Congratulations on a remarkable career

In 2019, I attended my fiftieth reunion and, as part of the festivities, there was to be a dessert reception on the lawn of Foster House. Rain intervened and the reception was moved into the house. I (along with a number of my classmates) was greatly enjoying the hospitality and our conversation with Tony and were very much the last to leave as Karen had to gently remind us all that it was getting late. We greatly enjoyed the opportunity for such an intimate interaction and very much appreciated the extra bit of hospitality.

I think it must be quite unusual for someone to spend their whole career at one institution, rising through the academic ranks to the top levels and staying there for such a long period of time. I came to Clarkson in 1965 and was there until early 1973 thus missing all of your time at Clarkson. In the intervening years, many presidents have come and gone but I suspect your tenure will be recognized as one of the great ones.

I congratulate you and your wonderful partner, Karen, on a remarkable career.

Gary Page ’69