Best Wishes!

Tony and Karen,

Thank you both for all you’ve done to create a Clarkson that truly has a disparate impact on the world. You’ve taken us in just 20 years ago that was a small, respected technical university known for engineers, and grown it into an incredible beacon of innovation, equity, outreach, collaboration, and caring – not to mention all the amazing changes to the Collins Hill Campus!

Personal to me, thank you for your unwavering support of the Clarkson Pep Band, men’s and women’s hockey programs, and having the vision of Clarkson excelling academically and athletically.

You’ve truly created a culture that is unique, lasting, special and will serve Clarkson well no matter who the future leaders are. That’s the most amazing and critical achievement of any leader’s tenure and there are very few who have ever done it as well as you both have. Thank you for everything, and we will all miss you dearly.


Luke Edsall, ’09