Ignite Fall Speaker Series

This fall Clarkson Ignite invites all students to become inspired about the future. For the President’s Challenge we want you to tackle any opportunity important to you. To help you prepare to meet this challenge, Clarkson Ignite is hosting nine different talks throughout the semester, each focusing on various UN […]

Clarkson Student Interns Work with an Alumnus to Promote Conservation in the Everglades

Clarkson alumnus, Steve Scherer ’69 – Grassy Waters Conservancy VP, reached out to our Career Services office to find help promoting the Conservancy’s efforts. Due to COVID-19 their web and social media support was significantly reduced. Student interns Cynthia Huerta ’23 and Isaac Choi ’22 kept the Conservancy’s website going […]

Alumni Connection Awards

Holcroft Alumni Recognition Awards Write a letter of recommendation* for a prospective student. Award will be based on your recommendation (must be from a Clarkson Alum) and demonstrate a strong potential for success. Don’t forget to put your class year! Student may qualify for a $500 scholarship per year. Student […]

Mark Mininberg MBA ’20

Mark Mininberg MBA ’20 for being productive during the Covid-19 lockdown by painting Warhammer miniatures. Mark was asked by the Master of the forge podcast (http://mastersoftheforge.com/2020/07/episode-145-indomitus-9th-edition-preview-flash-isode/) to paint some models that they got early as part of the Warhammer 40k Indominus box set. In the painting of said models for […]

In Memoriam

Eugene F. Wells ’50 David R. Peterson ’52 Richard R. Nissen ’53 Ronald B. Barber ’55 Ronald R. Fenaughty ’56 Eugene A. Deardorff ’65 Robert Suhr ’66 Paul Fasulo ’66 Robert Pulaski ’67 Vincent D. Kelly ’74 William A. Kelly ’79 John P. Castle ’93 Jennifer Thornton ’97 Sean P. […]