Whiting-Turner Alumni Team Milestone!

In Baltimore, MD on 5/11/23 the Whiting-Turner team celebrated their topping out of the CMSC North Tower Addition project at The Johns Hopkins Hospital. The North Tower will be a new state-of-the-art laboratory research facility on The Johns Hopkins Medical Campus. The North Tower is one of three buildings that make up this $350 million project, in which the other two buildings are undergoing extensive renovations the entire facade is removed and replaced. These buildings are still occupied while these renovations are going on, which has been an extremely difficult and arduous coordination effort. This project serves as one of the largest, and most complicated healthcare projects for WT on the East Coast. The total project is scheduled to be substantially complete in 2026.

There are SIX Clarkson alumni that make up a portion of the 40 person Whiting-Turner team. Special shoutout to Derek Macioce (’04) and Tyler Tomeny (’15) who are managing the Structural Steel portion of the project.

Clarkson team members in order from left to right in the attached photo are as follows: Steven Barnes (’13), Tyler Tomeny (’15), Derek Macioce (’04), Brandon Hurlburt (’16), Shayna Stearns (’13), and Robert Campbell (’17).

For those who have never heard of “topping out” – this is a special ceremony that commences the last sequence of steel that completes the structure. It is tradition and superstition to raise the last piece of steel along with a “Christmas tree”. This tradition comes from Scandanavian beliefs that a “Christmas tree” will appease the tree dwelling spirits that were displaced during construction. Each member of the construction team signs the beam, and enjoys a party together afterwards.