Anand Chaudhuri ’72

A Long and Winding Journey in America: Living My Best Life

Read a short description of Anand’s book below:

From his middle-class family’s rented apartment on the first floor of a concrete building in Calcutta, Anand was always daydreaming about traveling to unknown and distant places as a young boy. Upon moving to the US, he lived in nine different states, attended seven universities, worked at five companies, and found his calling in the world as an educator. Experiencing institutional racism, focusing on overcoming adversity, and finding moments to laugh about along the way, this compilation of real-life stories spans approximately six decades of his life.

Throughout his journey, Anand faced many challenges and learned to advocate for himself; something that was not so easy for a short, dark, balding ‘foreigner’ with an accent. Inspired by his family, this book is written as a memento of his times not forgotten and stories not lost on younger generations. This memoir is a raw and vulnerable narrative – warts and all – the good times and bad – fun times – scary times – and embarrassing moments. Through it all, Anand was having the best time of his life.

Anand’s book can be found here.