Shelby Casas ’16

New Coast Program Associate on Long Island: Shelby Casas

Shelby Casas is the new Coast Program Associate based at the Theodore Roosevelt Sanctuary and Audubon Center on Long Island. Shelby has been working with Audubon Connecticut as a seasonal Coastal Waterbird technician for the last three years. In her new role with Audubon, she will be furthering the conservation of coastal birds with a focus on shorebirds and their habitats. She will lead our shorebird monitoring and stewardship work, promote the health and resilience of coastal habitats, and assist with outreach, advocacy, and fundraising efforts.

Shelby is originally from Dallas and went to the first public all women’s school in the state of Texas. She has six years of birding experience and started her birding journey at Clarkson University studying Golden-winged Warblers in Northern New York. She is passionate about shorebird conservation and is excited to explore Long Island.