Your compassion

Dear President Tony Collins,

While you came to Clarkson well after I graduated in the class of ’62, I have followed your vigorous pursuit of excellence and growth for our institution, the faculty, staff, students, the town of Potsdam, and most of all, the best possible student experience available at a fine university. Your vision, commitment, and compassion were always proudly on display.

At the 50th reunion for my class, I witnessed that compassion, and 5 years later at another reunion, mentioned it to you. You remembered it then and it bears retelling the story, as it illustrates perfectly that compassion. While at the group photo event, where you shook each reunion participant’s hand, I was next, behind Dale Kenyon. Dale was an engineering graduate who happened to be a dwarf. When you saw him, you bent to one knee, so you were looking at Dale, directly face to face for the handshake and your exchange of words with him. That action speaks volumes about your compassion and consideration of all people. Clarkson is so much richer with your daily leadership examples.  You have set a very high bar for all Presidents who follow you. 

Sincere Best Wishes for you and Karen’s Golden Years Retirement,

Jim McKay ’62