With gratitude for your service

Greetings Mrs. & Mr. Collins,

As a transfer student to Clarkson in 1992, I had only two years to absorb it.  And yet, it left a very positive lasting experience on me. Some of it circumstantial such as great roommates and proximity to Adirondacks… however I did get a job that I eventually came to love via on-campus recruiting program. I remain with the company nearly 28 years to the day. Back to Clarkson – your efforts keeping it going strong as you have done I’m sure has touched so many more lives. I am so grateful for your efforts! Don’t seem to have good shots of me when I was a student, but attached is my wife and myself atop NoonMark Mtn in 2016. I would not have become an ADK 46-R and found my lifetime hiking hobby if it were not for Clarkson!

James Inskeep ’94