Tony, you and Karen will be missed!

Hi Tony,

That time has come, eh? Well, I hope you and Karen will travel, travel, and travel some more. Provence would be my first trip.

I just would like you to know I really value our friendship … from when you agreed to serve the NYS Section AWWA as Student Activities Chair through the present. And thank you for taking the time from a busy day to advise my daughter, Kate, when we were on college visits, and for maintaining that professional relationship with Kate over the last several years.

Ironically, only about an hour ago I was shredding some 40 years worth of tax records prior to a move when I came across a 1991 letter from you acknowledging my donation of several years worth of Journal AWWA to Clarkson. And then opening my emails to find this message from Clarkson. What is that? A small world? Serendipity? Whatever it is I’m just glad to have the chance to tell you that you have been a special person in my life.

All the best to you, Karen and the rest of your family as you embark on this next phase of your adventure.

Tom Walker ’67 & ’69