Tony Collins – A Man for All Seasons

Three meetings with Tony among many that stand out for me that illustrate Tony’s dedication to “Doing the right thing” are:

– Our visit to Walter Reed Army Hospital in DC to spend time with a North Country veteran recovering from his trauma of the Iraq War.

– Our first meeting with the President and Board of the Union Graduate School in Albany/Schenectady to discuss its potential integration into Clarkson’s Graduate School.

– The meeting in Lake Placid with the Clarkson team led by Tony and the State’s team led by Governor Cuomo to develop cooperative programs for the Trudeau Institute and Clarkson in order to strengthen biomedical research in the North Country.

Tony’s dedication for excellence in all his work to the benefit of Clarkson, The North Country, New York State and the United States clearly designate Tony as a “Man for All Seasons”.

Lawrence Delaney ’57