Tony and Karen – All Things To All People

This message is for Tony and Karen!

We first met when my wife (JoAnne) and I visited Clarkson in the late 1990s until about 2005  recruiting engineers for Exxon and then Exxon Mobil Corporation.   The four of us seemed to gravitate to each other in a very natural way.  We were so happy to assist in supporting you in your successful bid to be President of Clarkson!

Thank you both so much for all your energy and openness in successfully filling the role of President and First Lady!  You both were always willing to take the time necessary to help those at Clarkson that needed some help or guidance!  You and Karen were always fun to be around.  If there was a live microphone nearby and a large group of people present, it was a sure bet you, Tony, would make good use of the mic!!

I was especially moved this past Christmas when I received a selfie of you and Karen celebrating the Holidays with your Christmas Tree in the background!  You had just uncorked a bottle of Mom, white wine from Narmada Winery, which I passed along earlier last year.  You and Karen were toasting JoAnne (now passed) and me!  That was very kind!

I wish you both much happiness and joy in your retirement and hope that one day you will be interested in visiting Northern Virginia and spending a few days with me.  I’ve got a great view of the Shenandoah National Park from my home.  There are great restaurants in the area as well as great wineries.  And the Park is just a short drive away.

All the very best in this next phase of your lives.

Bob Mann ’69 CE