The People’s President

Words cannot describe the impact you have both had on the Clarkson community. I will always remember just how present you both were in all aspects of life at Clarkson. It was never out of the ordinary to see you around campus, and it was always a happy thing. I don’t think in my four years you ever missed a hockey game, but also so many other events. Leading Clarkson wasn’t just your job, it looked like it was your life. I graduated in December 2010, but came back to campus in May 2011 for commencement, when I walked across the stage you handed me my diploma, gave me a hug and said “Welcome back, it is so good to see you again”. It really touched me that you remembered me and took that moment to acknowledge it. I hope to see you on campus again someday and return the gesture!

Lets Go Tech!

Devin Perkins ’10