Thanks for the gardens

Tony and Karen,

First, thanks to the Golden Knight reception at your house that I was invited to, I was able to see Karen’s fine work on the garden there. When visiting the Basso patio of the Student Center, that my wife, Brenda and I donated, I noticed minimal chairs, zero landscaping and way too much grass to cut. I combined the two events in my mind and suggested the garden behind the student union and Karen, who is a driving force in her own right, pushed the project. Once Tony was completely on board, Ginny’s Garden, named after Ginny Clarkson, became a reality, and I love the way it turned out. It makes the Student Center so much more comfortable feeling when the weather permits. And with potential students frequently visiting in their summer vacations to check out the school, it showcases the back of the building and center of the “Collins Campus” nicely. Thanks to both of you for your efforts over the years on Clarkson’s behalf. Have the best of times ahead as you tackle “retirement”!

Tom Basso ’74