Tony and Karen, If might be so bold.

We want to thank you for bringing us back into the fold. We had participated in many alumni events prior to your arrival and never really felt included. Your warm greeting on alumni weekend was nice but when we met a second time and you genuinely seemed to remember us, that was meaningful to us.

Coming from a disadvantaged background with little direction and life goals I struggled through school. In the end, I was quite committed and gained immensely from my experience at CCT. After a further growth experience in the Army, I had a nice career in Operations Management and Supply Chain Management. So while I didn’t find, create my own business or become a principal executive I can recognize the benefits Clarkson provided me. Clarkson brought me a long way.

Your leadership in developing interdisciplinary curriculums, and building on core competencies, made me proud of my alma mater and I don’t hesitate to make my association known. Your interaction with us at alumni events and other actions have made us all feel a part of the institution you have greatly improved upon, even if we aren’t all the high achievers you so deservedly recognize. Through your style and efforts, you earned our trust and loyalty.

So thank you for all you did and may you have a happy enriching life as you go forward.

Deepest Regards

Neil ’69 and Mary Fisher