Thank you from CAMP and it’s Affiliates

Dear Tony and Karen,

Thank you for everything you have done for Clarkson and especially CAMP. I hope it was clear at the 2022 CAMP meeting in Clayton that your efforts and energy are greatly appreciated by faculty, students, NY state, and our industrial partners.

Here is what I was given by Corning to read out on behalf of Charlie Craig, who was representing the CAMP Industrial Advisory Board:

“Charlie picked out a piece of Steuben to give you on behalf of himself, CAMP, and the IAB. He specifically picked out this piece because a lighthouse stands steady in storms, and send an unwavering beam of guidance. We all feel that your leadership has provided steady guidance to grow the University and CAMP in quality and prestige, and in their contributions to society.”

I couldn’t agree more with this sentiment. Again, thank you! 

Best regards,

Devon Shipp on behalf of all (happy) CAMPers.