Thank You For Your Service and Support

Tony, you have easily been the most supportive and the most approachable Clarkson President I have known since I first arrived on campus in the summer of 1984.  I am happy to have had the pleasure of knowing you on a personal level for many years. 

Your leadership during the University’s most remarkable period of growth is well-documented.  The physical changes to the Potsdam Hill campus in particular will provide many generations of Clarkson students with state of the art facilities they will need to become the leaders of the future.

But your personal connections with students, alumni and staff are what set you apart from your predecessors and leave a blueprint for all future Clarkson presidents to follow.  You have set an excellent example of how to lead by serving and supporting others.  I will always remember how you supported a handful of us Pep Band alumni as we navigated uncharted waters by starting the Clarkson University Pep Band Alumni Association and, subsequently, the CUPBAA Scholarship Fund to provide financial aid to future pep band members like ourselves.  You and Karen attended so many of our fundraising and social events and provided financial and moral support that means so much more than you know.  We certainly could not have succeeded without your help. 

I want to thank you and Karen for so many years of friendship and support.  I wish you well in whatever lies ahead for both of you.  Let’s go TECH!!

Tony Brancato ’88