Special People

I graduated from Clarkson long before Tony became President, but I had the pleasure of meeting and knowing him and Karen over the years.  They are both kind and thoughtful people, special in every way.  He invariably came to Sarasota to see me and others whenever on a trip to Florida.  On occasion, my wife and I hosted them and other alumni at the party room in our condo building and always had a great time with them.  I believe Tony to be a unique person and the right one to lead Clarkson into the 21st Century.  He had a vision for the University and worked diligently to fulfill it.  I am always astonished by the many activities and initiatives in which he has been involved.  Clarkson is very fortunate to have had him as a leader these many years.  I can only wish Tony and Karen well for the future and fulfilling retirement that is well deserved.  I will miss them both.

Richard March ’50