Regards from the Class of 1958 Zoomers

Dear Tony,

The class of 1958 Zoom Alumni would like to take this opportunity to congratulate you on your upcoming
retirement. It has been a great and rewarding time for us to have you as President of Clarkson for the last 19 years. Your dedication and hard work have made us and other alumni proud of the benefits of our continued association with the university.

Clarkson will always remember you as a driving force that has guided the evolution of a comprehensive long-term plan that has elevated the University’s academic standing and reputation. You have worked tirelessly to ensure that Clarkson provides young men and women an education plus the necessary tools needed to successfully enter the workforce of their chosen profession.

We wish you and Karen the best in your future endeavors. Retirement will offer you many new opportunities, which we believe you will embrace wholeheartedly, just as you did at Clarkson.

Thank you and Best Regards,

Anthony (Tony) Fraioli; Arnold (Arnie) Taranto; Charles (Chuck) Perschetz; Henry (Hank) Okraski; Ken Gibbs; Thomas (Tom) Loggia