My dog, the “Pace-Setter”

On weekends I would often come into my office before we opened Deneka Fitness Center to check emails and get an early morning workout in. I would bring my beloved, GoldenDoodle, Hadley, every chance I got. Although according to campus policy, pets were not permitted in the workplace. (Formal apology here, sorry about that). On one particular Saturday morning, Hadley left my office while I was checking emails, which was highly unusual behavior for her. With no one else in the building at the time, or so I thought; I was not too worried about where she may be. After about 5 minutes, I thought I should probably check on her…When I approached the indoor track I saw President Collins and Mrs. Collins jogging laps on the track, Hadley chasing them in circles. I immediately went into full panic mode, remembering I was in violation of campus policy and Hadley was chasing our president and his wife!!  I apologized profusely for her disturbance and my violation of campus policy. Mr. Collins’ response was great…he said, “no worries, she’s a great pace-setter for us. We could use her more often!” I always appreciated his casual response and it stuck with me over the years…kind of sums up my feelings on how relatable and “down to earth'” he is. Thank you for enhancing our college town by adding to our CU greatness!! All my very best to you both!!

Kelly Norman