Memories and Words to Tony and Karen Collins

One of the biggest gifts in my life is that when leaving Clarkson in the late fifties, my wife and I would develop a close and lasting relationship with Tony and Karen Collins. It all began while I was on a project at Clarkson. I quickly realized their impact went well beyond the university community; it reached the Village, Town, in fact, the entire North Country. Their connections allowed me to receive ready access to volunteer services, materials, and equipment to successfully accomplish the trail project.

Over the years, Rosemary and my respect grew immensely for Tony and Karen due to their power as a team and engaging and inclusive leadership style which allowed us to broaden and deepen our involvement with Clarkson. We’ve been exposed to and grown within the community of students, facilities staff, coaches, and professors that have enabled Clarkson to evolve and grow… I’m not just talking about the hockey teams either!☺ They have built and amplified a culture that has brought students, staff, and professionals nationwide to the steps of Clarkson University, bettering the North Country.

Though we have confidence and faith in the new leadership, Tony and Karen’s departure will certainly affect the student body and faculty and be felt by many throughout the community in the years to come.

We look forward to our continued relationship with the entire Collins family and wish them all the best on their next endeavors!


John ‘59 and Rosemary Munter