Meeting Tony & Karen

When I was a freshman, my family and I sat down at a move-in lunch on Cheel Lawn. Shortly after, we were joined by a couple and struck up a conversation. A few minutes into the conversation, my parents asked the couple what their child would be studying at Clarkson. At that point, Karen replied, “well, Tony is starting his first year as President here.” We had no idea we were sharing a meal with the President of the university! Every interaction I’ve had with Tony since has been just as genuine. As a student, I especially appreciated that he and Karen regularly came to the women’s hockey games (and not just because they tended to send a pizza or two our way as we cheered on the team). It was nice to know that they both cared so much about the Clarkson community. They leave a powerful legacy that will be tough to live up to!

Andrew Pucci ’07