Kiss and Beans

Tony and Karen,

There are so many memories…..I’ll pick just two.

The Search Committee conducted interviews with candidates off Wolf Rd in Albany.  I was positioned such that I could see Tony drive up to the front of the hotel, hop out of the driver’s seat as Karen exited the passenger seat.  As Karen got in the driver’s seat the two of you kissed.  I consider this a very sweet beginning to your joint leadership of Clarkson.  

Being able to find a time for the two of you to visit with me and Ken at Lake Titus….and to have conversation in that relaxed setting, was great.  I wish it could have happened more often.  I do recall what a kick I got out of Tony eating and pondering as to what he was eating.  It was black, it was tasty and he thought it might be mashed black beans.  (It was forbidden rice.)  

Wishing you a long, happy, healthy post-CU time of your lives.

Warm regards,

Elizabeth Fessenden ’77