Best Wishes On Your Retirement

Tony and Karen,

We wish a happy and healthy retirement. It is well deserved!  

While I had graduated and left Clarkson before you arrived on campus, I have tried to stay connected with what was happening in Potsdam. I had the pleasure of meeting you twice in Houston and once in Colorado Springs.   You have done much to improve campus facilities and have been a great spokesman/ambassador for Clarkson, northern New York and higher education.  

One of the things that has impressed me most during your tenure as University President was your engagement with the student body.  Whether it be helping students unload and get their belongings into their dorm room, inviting various groups into your home for dinner, letting a student be president for the day while you attended their classes, chance meeting in an airport or just being seen around campus I always looked forward to pictures of you interacting with students. I felt you were accessible and knew each student personally.  

Finally, thank you for your support of our athletes but especially both hockey programs  

Again, congratulations and best wishes on your retirement.  Look back on your years at Clarkson with pride.  Clarkson is a better place because of you.  

Don Hall, BSCE 1973, MSES 1975

Sue Hall, SUNY Potsdam 1975