An Honor and a Pleasure

Kind, understanding, generous, hard-working, dedicated, honest, bold, considerate, innovative, enthusiastic, wise and diplomatic are just a few of the words I would use to describe you, Tony.  You have fundamentally changed Clarkson University for the better.  I have been involved with the university for almost 50 years and can honestly say that you made a huge impact on the school, the students, the alumni, the faculty & staff, the town of Potsdam, and the state of NY.  I have been actively engaged with Clarkson in many forms for the last 20 years including the Parents Committee, Business Leadership Council, Alumni Council, and as a recruiter for IBM. I would attribute much of that continued engagement to you and your leadership style.  It has been an honor and a pleasure to be part of the Clarkson journey which you have so dynamically led.  And I don’t want to leave out Karen.  I know she has been your equal partner in that journey and has been instrumental in supporting you and the university throughout your tenure.  Thank you for all that the both of you have done and may you enjoy life after Clarkson to its fullest!

Dusty Rhodes ’78