A legacy of which to be proud!

Dear Tony and Karen,

As you embark on your next big adventure, it is important to take a minute to reflect and take a measure of pride in the impact you have had over your decades at Clarkson. The most obvious is the direct impact on the Clarkson students, many of whom have been “first in the family” college graduates. I am certain that the education they received in a warm (albeit not climate-wise 🙂 and welcoming environment has had a positive and long lasting impact. Beyond the actual student, however, you have had a force multiplier effect on their parents and the families that they have built. When you think about the companies that these students have gone on to influence, lead and found as well as the communities that have benefited, it becomes immediately apparent that your impact has been enormous. You have much to take pride in.

I have always said that students that go to Clarkson are the salt of the earth. They are hardworking and grounded, smart and industrious, and people you just like to be around. I believe that is a direct reflection of you both, Tony and Karen.

I wish you all the best in your new journey… you have certainly earned it!

Amy (Taber) Villeneuve ’86