A huge thank you

President and Mrs. Collins,

We cannot thank you enough for your dedication to Clarkson and making it an international hub for engineering.   You have provided top notch education during unprecedented times while keeping safety and health in the forefront the entire time.  As a parent of an upcoming Clarkson senior, it saddens me that you won’t be President this next year yet I realize all you have given these students.  As a freshman, my sons floor (Reynolds) won all the swag and a dinner at your house.  He has great memories of you.  We are so thankful for your genuine love and enjoyment of the many clubs/activities/trips he has taken part in.  Our hearts are full as our son has taken a paid internship at Sabic industries this summer that was made possible thanks to Clarkson. It has been a pleasure watching our son grow and expand his horizons. 

All the best in your next adventures.

Andrew and Raeleen Willard