Anyone passing muster with the search committee must be special!

Clarkson Matters to me because…

I received a BSECE in ’76 along with my Commission as a 2nd Lt in the Corps of Engineers.  My education under the auspices of a 4-yr ROTC commission was truly a “best buy” situation — a great engineering education that allowed me to have a 4 decade career in the area of embedded firmware development in a variety of areas to include Boot and Selftest code, BIOS, PC-Server system maintenance firmware that was Intel IPMI compliant, building security tools and firmware, and finally smart uninterruptible power supplies that were important to a number of military applications built by General Dynamics and Lockheed Martin among others.  What a career!  And I get a kick out of the fact that Clarkson ranks highly in  the US News and World Report as giving a quality education and a very high hire rate after graduation that other schools would envy.  What’s not to like?

Keith Abell ’74