Senior Class Gift

An annual tradition joining members of the Senior Class together
to leave a lasting impact on current and future Golden Knights by making a gift.

Join the Senior Class Gift Supporters Today!

As a ‘thank you’ for supporting Clarkson, all donors will receive:

  • a gold honor cord to wear at commencement
  • recognition in the commencement program as a Senior Class Gift donor
  • an invitation to the Senior Class Gift Donor Reception at Foster House with President Marc Christensen and Seema Christensen
  • an exclusive Senior Class Gift donor t-shirt
  • a chance to win a Senior Class Gift ‘Donor Only’ parking space for a week, centrally located outside of the ERC

In order to be eligible for the benefits in bold, you must commit to making your gift of $25/yr. for 5 years.

Senior Class Gift Donor List

  • Christopher Hickman
  • Peter Nekos
  • Gaby Rosario
  • Maya Walker
  • Mack Duffy
  • Vy Huynh
  • Keanu Menezes
  • Shanoi Sellars
  • Tristan Adams
  • Fatema Chowdhury
  • Melanie Orzechowski
  • Mary Donnelly
  • Caterina Mattio
  • Wynter Malone
  • Nima Gurung
  • Haythi Myint
  • Lawrence Lam
  • Lynn Nguyen
  • Aminata Niang
  • Ryan Perkins
  • Julia Brzac
  • Jesse Paddock
  • Seth Anderson
  • Jaia Ruffin
  • Hannah Orton
  • Gavin Buehler
  • Michael Buchwald
  • Hannah Williams
  • Juster Gichovi
  • Shane Carter
  • Isabella Tufano
  • Jennifer Bateman
  • Bailee Underwood
  • Riley Page

With your commitment, you are:

  • Allowing students to benefit from opportunities similar to those you enjoyed
  • Supporting a cause you are passionate about because it helped define your Clarkson experience
  • Showing your appreciation for your time as a student by giving back and paying it forward to current and future Golden Knights
  • Exercising your rite of passage as you transition from student to an involved alum; once you make your second annual gift, you will join Clarkson Loyal, a branch of the Good Knights Guild, whose members are recognized for their loyal support.