COVID-19 Student Emergency Fund

When we needed you the most…

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Your generous contribution to the COVID-19 Student Emergency Fund provides financial assistance to CU students that are struggling with financial hardships. Some of the key areas of need during this difficult time include:

Food Costs

Housing and Living Essentials

Emergency Situations

Scholarship / Financial Aid


A Message from President Tony Collins

“When Clarkson asked for your support during the COVID-19 crisis, many of you have responded. Your overwhelming generosity is proving to be exceptionally meaningful right now as students face various financial challenges. Because of the level of support we have received, we are now able to expand aid beyond food services and basic living needs, to offering significant financial assistance to our students in the form of scholarships recognizing that the income to so many families has been negatively impacted.

Your donation ensures our students will have the ability to continue their education, which might not have otherwise been possible. Karen and I thank you for being such a caring member of the Clarkson community during this uniquely difficult time.”

Jim Pittman
Dean of Students
“Gifts to the COVID-19 Student Emergency Fund are life changing. Students who do not know where their next meal is coming from or who are worrying about basic needs have a hard time focusing on their studies. These generous contributions supplement the cost of basic living expenses for students in need, easing the stress and allowing them to focus on their futures.

Since the pandemic, we’ve heard from students experiencing severe financial issues and having to work long hours to support their families where their parents have recently lost their jobs. Similarly, students who have relied on part time jobs that they no longer have or with fewer hours are struggling to keep up with their normal bills (monthly car payments, phone bills, internet service, etc.). We’ve even seen some cases where individuals are in danger of becoming homeless due in part to COVID-19. Money gifted to the fund will continue to be used to provide financial support for food costs, living expenses, emergency situations, medical bills, technology and any other pressing needs that arise.

The impact contributors have on Clarkson’s student support efforts is huge. If we didn’t have the extra funding from our gracious donors we would be hampered in our ability to help those who need it most. And oftentimes that additional financial support determines whether or not those students can continue their education or not.”

Kara Pitts

Kara Pitts
Director of New Student Financial Assistance

“As a financial aid administrator at Clarkson University, I see first hand the challenges families face making college affordable without there being a global pandemic.  It absolutely breaks my heart to think about the financial burden COVID-19 has had on many of our students. I’m fortunate that my family is able to work and learn from home to stay healthy, which encouraged me to donate to the COVID-19 Student Emergency Fund because it’s important we come together now to do whatever we can to help those in need.  I am hoping that my donation will help ease the worries and financial burden COVID-19 has caused and want our students to know how much we as a Clarkson community care about the well-being of their families.”

Wayne Howell ‘81
“The Clarkson family has a strong track record of caring for and about each other. This is especially important in this very challenging time. When I watched Tony Collin’s video highlighting this need, it was clear what I needed to do to help members of our Clarkson family. I can only imagine the worry and uncertainty that some students are experiencing due to this crisis. I hope that this gift can help reduce the worry and financial strain these students feel and help them to better focus on their education. Knowing that we are all in this together and that we care about each other helps bring a degree of solace and encouragement that we will get through this crisis. Reading about and listening to the stories about members of the Clarkson family each night reinforces my belief that there is something extraordinary about Clarkson and we each need to do our part, in whatever way we can, to keep it that way.”

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