Remy Cholhan ’15

Growing up in a ski family, we have experienced our share of accidents, injuries and tragic incidents. With hundreds of thousands of accidents occurring each season at U.S. ski resorts, there are extreme instances when some accident victims are not found until the snows melt. Because current modes of alerting ski patrol are inefficient and highly unreliable, it leaves injured victims cold and vulnerable to the perils of not being attended to quickly. When tragedies like this strike at a ski resort, everyone suffers: the victim, the victim’s family and friends, the ski resort and the entire industry.

While at Clarkson, my father and I co-founded AvR with the sole purpose of saving riders on the mountain. Our patented AvR Alert System™ will be the industry’s first truly reliable way for injured skiers and snowboarders to get help faster than ever before. Harnessing leading technologies, the two-part system will offer game-changing benefits to ski resorts, ski patrol teams and foremost to skiers and snowboarders. Since graduating from Clarkson in 2015, AvR has gained tremendous traction and is now seeking investment to fully develop, test and certify the AvR Alert System™ with their product development partner.

For more information, or ways to help AvR in its mission to save riders on the mountain, please contact Remy Cholhan ’15 at or at 585-576-3578.