Clarkson is full of Innovators!

Clarkson Matters to me for so many reasons typical of teenagers’ first time living independently – it was a new sense of freedom and responsibility, challenge and excitement.  I didn’t believe it then, of course, when people told me – these are the best years of your life, enjoy them!  But in many ways, that old adage is true – for many, there is no other time in our lives when we have such an uncomplicated existence and ANYTHING is still possible!   When I see stories of what the faculty and students at Clarkson are working on these days it makes me proud.  Clarkson is still full of people thinking and inventing and discovering ways to make our world a better, more human, and sustainable place.  And it definitely made me tougher – walking to class in subzero weather weeks in the winter – eyelashes and eyebrows freezing over – from the hill campus to Snell Hall – those were the days 🙂

Susan Cohen ’86