Where There’s a Will, There’s a Way

It is simple, it is efficient and it is powerful. Once created, it can give you ease of mind in the present, and impact countless numbers of students, faculty and staff at Clarkson in the future. It’s not a machine, but a simple document that can do all that and more for you.

It is … a Will. Yet, nearly 60 percent of American adults currently have not done any will planning.

Did you know that nearly 70 percent of members in the Annie Clarkson Society made Clarkson a beneficiary in their will? These alumni and friends of Clarkson have shown you the way on how to join them, and all it takes is planning your future with a will.

Whether you are considering making Clarkson a beneficiary in your will, or if you’ve already done so but not yet informed us, the Annie Clarkson Society is ready to assist you to ensure your philanthropic wishes for you and the University are carried out.

Here are some of our most popular ways to give smarter, and join your classmates and friends in the Annie Clarkson Society:

A gift in your will to Clarkson University cements your legacy, and the Annie Clarkson Society is here to assist you with that each year you live. Contact us for more information