Making Complex Planning Simple

The Annie Clarkson Society is not just for those who are celebrating their 50th Reunion, or making final estate plans. While a will is one of the ways to join the Annie Clarkson Society, many of our younger donors are not quite ready to create one. There are other vehicles that can be used at any age and are readily available to many of you. Here are some of our most popular ways to give smarter, and join your classmates and friends in the Annie Clarkson Society:

  • Making Clarkson a beneficiary of your IRA or workplace retirement plan is one great way to join the Annie Clarkson Society. The best way to accomplish a this is by submitting to the plan administrator a beneficiary designation form for part or all of the retirement plan or IRA. This method, which presents the fewest difficulties and avoids potential pitfalls, simply involves naming of the charity directly as a beneficiary of a death benefit payable under the retirement plan. The retirement plan or IRA is paid directly to the Clarkson, not to the donor’s estate, and is not governed by the donor’s will.  

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  • Another creative way is making Clarkson a full or partial beneficiary of an already established life insurance policy. You simply complete and return to your insurance company a form designating that Clarkson receive all or a portion of the death benefit associated with a life insurance policy

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  • A third option is creating of an endowment honoring loved ones, friends or those in your life that have helped you along the way. Once Clarkson and you have agreed to terms of the endowment and how the endowed funds will be used, you become a member of the Annie Clarkson Society. If you’d like to speak confidentially to someone who already has created an endowment at Clarkson, Siren Chudgar ’96 would be happy to hear from you.  Email Siren at or see his story here.

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  • Lastly, using your Donor Advised Fund. DAF’s are gaining popularity among donors of all ages as people get more and more creative with their gift planning. Naming Clarkson as a beneficiary of your Donor Advised Fund is a way you helping Clarkson now, and helping us plan for our future.

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Plans like these and others at Clarkson University cements your legacy, and the Annie Clarkson Society is here to assist you. Contact us for more information.