Meet Ashley Pyrda, Clarkson Class of 2024

Ashley Pyrda ’24

Hometown: Teresa, NY

Major: Chemical Engineering

Career Aspirations

My immediate aspiration is to advance my education to the fullest extent possible. I plan on obtaining my Bachelor’s Degree in Chemical Engineering, followed by my Doctorate in Neuroscience; all the while maintaining a GPA over 3.8. I have always had a passion to make the world a better place and I believe furthering my education is a brilliant place to start. In the distant future, after I retire from having made a significant impact as a neuroscientist, I anticipate becoming a professor. My whole life, I have always had a deep desire to learn and teach others. I have been tutoring others since my 8th grade year and plan to continue assisting others, by sharing my knowledge to those around me, now and into the future.

Meaningful Experiences

I firmly believe that every life experience contributes to the person I am today. My grandmother would always remind me to be thankful for the opportunities I had access to and live them out to their fullest potential. My 8th grade year was one of great significance because I received a great deal of support and encouragement which, ultimately, helped me reach my full potential. During that school year, I had the most wonderful math teacher, Ms. Dundar, who continually encouraged our class to work together in an effort to understand the material. In just one year, I was able to successfully complete the 8th, 9th, and 10th grade math curriculum, followed by the 11th grade math curriculum over the summer. In 9th grade, I was lucky to have Ms. Dundar again. She encouraged me to take calculus at the local community college, which I’m glad she did because I passed with an A! If it wasn’t for others, like Ms. Dundar, encouraging and guiding me along the way, I might not have been able to pursue my dreams to the extent I am currently able.

“Without your generosity, my family and I would have endured a lot of financial stress; for that, we are forever grateful.”

Message of Gratitude to Donors

As a Clarkson donor, your support means more than I am capable of putting into words. You have been so kind and selfless with your philanthropy and it has helped me as well as so many other deserving students. Without your generosity, my family and I would have endured a lot of financial stress; for that, we are forever grateful. I aspire to grow up and be successful and, eventually, follow in your footsteps supporting the future students who come after me. Your continued support means the world to me. Thank You!