Sample Bequest Language

A charitable bequest to Clarkson in your will or living trust makes a final statement of your life’s philanthropy that memorializes you and/or loved ones in a way that helps others. Below are examples of bequest language for a gift to Clarkson. Please remember to consult your legal, financial and gift planning advisors before […]

Bequest Intention

Definition Bequest Intention or Planned Gift Intention: This is a donor’s indication of his or her intent to leave a future gift. An intention is neither a legal or binding commitment upon the donor’s estate. Rather, it’s a courtesy notification of the donor’s desire to make a future gift. Sample […]

Create an Endowment

Clarkson’s endowment is a pool of assets set aside and invested. Assets (the principal) may include cash, securities, real estate and real property. Investment strategies balance income and growth. A portion of the annual investment income is spent by Clarkson, and the remainder of the income is added to the endowment […]

Popular Ways to Join

The most popular ways to join are: Beneficiary Designations Bequest Intention Charitable Gift Annuity Charitable Remainder Trust Create an Endowment

Charitable Lead Trusts

DefinitionAn income producing asset is placed into a trust that makes payments to Clarkson for a certain number of years before the trust terminates and the asset passes back either to the donor or to the donor’s heir(s). Further InformationThe “lead” in lead trust refers to the payments that are made […]

IRA Charitable Rollover

Background The Pension Protection Act of 2006 created the IRA Charitable Rollover, allowing owners aged 70½ or older of traditional and Roth IRAs the ability to distribute directly, or “rollover,” to certain public charities (including Clarkson) up to $100,000 per year without the distribution being included as taxable income, but […]

Gifts of Real Estate

Definition A gift of all or part of almost any piece of real estate, including a primary residence, vacation home, farm, undeveloped land, rentals, businesses, condominiums, timber, mineral rights and other natural resources. Further Information A donor should consider several points when thinking of a gift of real estate: Clarkson […]

Real Estate

Gifts of Retained Life Estates Gifts of Real Estate

Smart Ways to Give

The smartest ways to give a gift are: Real Estate IRA Charitable Rollover Donor Advised Fund Charitable Lead Trust Appreciated Securities

Annie Clarkson Society

About the Society Annie Clarkson and the Annie Clarkson Society: Ensure the Clarkson Experience Annie Clarkson was born December 21, 1856 in Potsdam. Known as “Miss Annie” (a term of endearment of the time) she was instrumental in founding Clarkson University in 1896 in memory of her uncle, Thomas, and later was […]