Oral History Project with PCI

Updated as of 5/12/2021

Final proofs have been sent to production
The book is set for a July 2021 release.

Story collection is now complete!
To those that took part in the project – Thank you! We are now in the production phase and couldn’t have done it without all of you.

Attention Clarkson Golden Knight Alumni! Now is your chance to share your favorite Clarkson memories and have them preserved in a comprehensive book that will help us honor and celebrate Clarkson’s 125th anniversary in 2021!

Publishing Concepts, Inc. (PCI) is working with Clarkson University on creating a book of stories and experiences shared by Clarkson alumni.

Feel free to share your stories of:

  • Walking from the downtown campus to the hill for classes when it was -30!
  • Taking classes in Malone
  • Memories of Ice Carnival and ice sculptures
  • Favorite professors or classes
  • Freshman chemistry

Partnership with PCI
PCI will be reaching out to you to listen to your stories and experiences while at Clarkson and will then compile all of the stories into a book that can be shared with our alumni. This type of project would not be possible without their help as they will be reaching out to Clarkson alumni and then compiling all of the memories into book form. You can rest assured that your contact information has NOT been sold to PCI. When you are contacted by them feel free to share your memories and feel at ease that this is a legitimate project that they are managing with Clarkson.

Do you have to buy something?
No. This project is being done at NO COST to Clarkson University. The project is completely funded by the alumni who CHOOSE to purchase the book that will be produced at the end of the project. PCI will also offer you the option to purchase other Clarkson branded merchandise such as a hat, t-shirt, sweatshirt and a travel bag. You are welcome to purchase these items, but you are not required to do so to (a) participate in the project or (b) order the book. Again, we’d never be able to embark on a project like this without the support of our amazing alumni and the partnership with PCI. So we sincerely thank every person that participates and chooses to purchase the book.

Designated Clarkson University voicemail line: 1-877-303-7220
Questions? Email alumni@clarkson.edu.